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02 April 2006 @ 08:30 pm
dEUS at The Bowery Ballroom  
Evening all.
I am new to this community, but not to dEUS; I have followed the boys across many borders, through many smoky bars and over quagmire festival fields since WCS made it’s debut.
I worried that moving to the Big Apple, the European bands I hold so dear wouldn’t venture across the Atlantic and I had conceded that as much as schedules and cheap airline companies will allow, if Mohammed won’t go to the mountain……
But Thursday night quelled my fears and I thought I would share it with you good people.
How were they?

Of course they were, you didn’t think I was going to come here and say the contrary did you??

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I knew it was going to be a good night as soon as the substantial bouncer kindly wished me a good evening and I stepped down into the cosy red lit bar of this legendary old theatre. With plush well stocked bars on three levels, velvet drapes curtaining the modest sized stage and a intimate yet slightly decadent atmosphere and all around I could hear snippets of French, Dutch and Italian conversations making me glad that the rest of the European contingent had shown up to lend support. It was probably the second best atmosphere to see dEUS outside of an Antwerp bar or even Tom’s living room.
I have to give credit to the two support bands: Bound stems with their interesting effects and accompanying church bells and bird song. The place was only beginning to fill up when they were finishing so they probably didn’t get the attention they deserved. But during the second act: Eastern conference Champions Eastern Conference Champions set you could see people’s jaws dropping, mine included and hear a number of, “Who are these guys? Shit, they are really good!” The trio really rocked life into the place and gave it their all to the point when the guitarist got a bit over enthusiastic with his playing and, Ping! went the guitar string, Slice! went his finger, Ouch! said I. Still it didn’t hinder his playing. Their music is raw, forceful, sweet, cheeky, unreserved and catchy enough to get you spilling your pint having a groove, basically everything you want from a new band. I highly recommend a night out to see them if they come to a town near you.
Then they were over all too quickly and it was time for the boys to coolly troop on and straight into the smooooth, extended bass intro of Pocket revolution.

Setlist (from what I remember)
Pocket revolution
Stop start nature
Instant street
Fell off the floor
Sun ra
What we talk about (when we talk about love)
Theme from turnpike
If you don’t get what you want
Cold sun of circumstance
The real sugar

Suds and soda: At this point I thought the floor of the ballroom was going to give way with all the jumping and we would all end in the bar underneath. Well, maybe there are worse ways to fall off this mortal coil than whilst grooving to your favourite band.
Nothing really ends

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Mauro is the definitive cool cat in his sharp cut suit, (under which I couldn’t help fantasise wonder if he was wearing the suspenders and stockings ala Jumpneedle video) He limited his stage presence to subtle nods of the head, a slight curl of the lip breaking his trance like concentration and saying, “merci beaucoup, dank u ” after the songs. He never got overly excited even when some of the songs like Suds and Soda, even after all these years, had Tommy and Klaas jumping like frogs, he never even messed his hair.
The guys were great, after waiting soooooo long to see them again they didn’t disappoint, but still I couldn’t help it; I missed Craig and most of all Danny’s presence. I can’t knock Alan Gevaert’s playing, but let’s face it, he’s not Mr. Cool rocket
I guess it will take some getting used to, just as we did with Stef and Rudy’s successors.
The best part: Klaas’ seemingly tireless gusto when starting Theme from Turnpike, he still twirls, jumps and slams the high hat like a crazy.
My only qualm, if it can be such, is that there was little interaction with the audience and the act was very polished. I kind of miss the days of Tom adlibbing parts about “six fingered gloves” and the onstage, between member squabbles. The sound seemed tighter and the guys seemed more serious and well… more mature, but I guess time has to catch up with all of us and I’m not that cheeky teenager anymore that first fell in love with them either.

Am I the only one to miss smoking in bars and clubs? I ask this as a non-smoker, who obviously doesn’t want to cark it from passive smoking and prefers her clothes to not smell like a dirty ashtray, but during concerts the atmosphere just loses something. Plus no cigarette smoke = no lovely hash smoke haze.
When Tom unconcernedly lit up, followed by Mauro and Alan and the subtle fragrance reached us, I was glad and felt some dissident attitude, as there should be with music, had been restored; a smoking ban does seem incongruous with the notion of sex, drugs, rock n roll.

Even though looking back at their solid set list, the concert felt like it had lasted only 15 minutes and then we were cast out onto the cold lower East side streets with only ringing in the ears and a warm memory to guide us home.
For the time being my appetite has been sated…..for the time being.
Anyone know of economy airlines for NY to St Petersburg?

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Tommy Tommy Tommy!!

I know, I will not win any prizes for photojournalism, but I think these came out kind of interestinglike.

If anyone else attended the concert? I would love to read your thoughts.

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la_mascherinala_mascherina on April 6th, 2006 02:01 am (UTC)
Re: Mmmmauro.
Thank you for the welcome.
Can you catch this time round on their tour? The tour seems to cover a wide range of clubs, festivals, telephone boxes etc etc...unless you live in Bhutan that is. : /
I've read other real mixed reviews of their US tour so far, I hope to read more here and more positive ones.
sofiepouvoir on April 3rd, 2006 07:18 pm (UTC)
great entry!
i've seen them in brussels a month ago and my feelings were pretty much the same.

^^here's my entry about the concert (i made it public for now). my pictures are far worse than yours because my smallest digital camera is crappy and i didn't dare using a flash.
Talk Show Hostbabylon_stalker on April 3rd, 2006 11:11 pm (UTC)
considering your pictures i was probably near you but alone and surrounded by flemish people who looked at me as if I was one french-belgian alien wich wasn't true.

still, great concert though I have to say that the crowd could've done better
la_mascherinala_mascherina on April 6th, 2006 02:12 am (UTC)
You were in New York for that night? Was that for work/holiday/studies or real dEUS dedication?
Maybe we stood next to each other, (me lower floor left, nearer the back bar : )) that would be funny and tingly if we had spoken.

Will you see more of the tour in Belgium? I'm sure their home-crowd give them a better reception.
Talk Show Hostbabylon_stalker on April 6th, 2006 10:14 am (UTC)
No no, I was replying to pouvoir's comment. I knew she went to the same concert I did in Brussels.

Well, I was very disappointed with the belgian crowd, too calm for me probably at least untill the last 3/4 songs where they woke up and started cheering the band properly ^_^
la_mascherinala_mascherina on April 6th, 2006 02:07 am (UTC)
Hello and thank you.
We share the same highlight of the songs played - Fell off the floor, I seem to lose control of my body and dance like a crazy when it comes on, singing, Rita Hay...Rita Hayworth But sadly, Klaas wasn't wearing his wife beater as usual.